Medicare Part A: What is Covered and What is Not

Medicare Basics

Medicare Part A: What is Covered and What is Not Not many things are more intimidating than working through the specifics of a healthcare plan. When you add the pressures of a fixed financial budget and the love and concern for an aging or sick loved one, it can feel like an enormous mountain to […]

When Searching “Jobs Near Me” Look No Further Than Brownsburg Healthcare Center

At Brownsburg Healthcare Center we value our employees and we show it.  We have one of the most robust benefit packages in the industry and it has allowed us to attract and retain top talent.  In addition to above-average salaries and sign-on bonuses for many positions, our parent company, Health Services Management (HSM), offers employee […]

The Alzheimer’s Brain

The Alzheimer’s Brain Alzheimer’s symptoms can be easy to spot in a loved one. Their language starts to slip. They look or sound confused. They are frustrated and often lose things. It is difficult to follow their narrative because they get lost in time telling a story. They sometimes forget where they physically are and […]

Seniors & Dental Hygiene

Look at That Smile! Is there anything better than seeing your loved one’s huge, bright shining smile to remind you just how happy they are?  It is hard not to smile just thinking about how their face lights up with a great smile and big laugh.  Here are a few important reminders about the importance […]

Common Questions About Senior Living

You have the option to tour a senior living facility.  What should you do to prepare? In order to give you the best possible tour of a senior living community, it’s extremely important that you prepare yourself in advance. In spite of the fact that your senior living professional will be able to show you […]

Brownsburg Health Care Center: Cutting Edge Treatment with a Hometown Feel

When Does One Need Long-Term Care? As we get older everyday daily tasks that were easy during our youth can become increasingly difficult. Taking care of ourselves and tending to our activities of daily living (ADLs) can become a challenge. Assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, eating, mobility and toileting may be required as we may […]