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Memory Care

Memory Care

At Brownsburg Health Care Center, there is no greater priority than your loved one. Our unique Alzheimer’s and dementia neighborhood is explicitly designed to meet Memory Care needs and maximize resident safety. Recently implementing a full-time Memory Care Unit Manager to direct and oversee all care, our security structure also incorporates 24-hour supervision provided by experienced and professional nurses and a keypad authorization to open every exit and entrance to Memory Care facilities and private outdoor courtyard.

Dr. William Arnold and his psychiatric team develop individualized plans and unique Memory Care exercises to improve each resident’s own personal capacity for memory retrieval. Your loved one will receive the very latest in therapeutic modalities and cutting-edge cognitive science delivered with a hometown touch by our compassionate team of experts.

Our staff of highly-educated psychiatrists and experienced Memory Care nurses can help keep your loved one’s mind sharp and active. Developed to exercise the neural pathways that are essential for healthy cognition and memory retrieval, we encourage residents to play games, solve puzzles, get creative with arts and crafts, and celebrate their accomplishments.

Music Therapy

As effective as it is enjoyable, music therapy is particularly popular here at Brownsburg HCC. Whether it’s to reduce anxiety, improve a patient’s capacity for memory retrieval, or maintain motor skills of individuals who are in later stages of dementia, our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about all types of music and the innovative therapeutic benefits of each one.

Pet Therapy

It requires little imagination to understand why pet therapy is everyone’s favorite. But for those who may question whether or not it’s actually beneficial for cognitive and mental health, the science is here to prove it! Studies show pet therapy significantly improves unwanted behavioral responses to negative emotions, reduces feelings of loneliness, and stimulates movement and physical activity. Additionally, regularly spending time with animals is a highly-effective way to alleviate anxiety — which ultimately, can help restore the appetites of patients who normally struggle to have one.


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