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At Brownsburg Health Care Center, our staff offers some of Indiana’s most experienced and highly-trained leaders in rehabilitation science. In addition to helping patients achieve full, lasting recoveries, we’ve also earned a reputation for successfully expediting the entire rehabilitation process. Our exceptional rehab program relies on cutting-edge technological equipment and utilizes the latest in therapeutic techniques, tactics, and innovation. Beginning with a thorough examination within the first 24 hours of your arrival, we’ll evaluate your physical strengths and capabilities, pinpoint areas of difficulty and concern, and most importantly, take the time to learn which obstacles, for you, are most meaningful to overcome. Then, over the next 3 to 5 days, our rehabilitation specialists will collaborate and develop a Recovery Program individualized just for you, to meet your needs, and reach your goals. In addition to the physical side of the rehab process, our therapy specialists are passionate about inspiring self-confidence in their patients and giving them that extra motivational boost if and whenever they begin to feel discouraged.


Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is one of the many skilled nursing services we offer.


Physical Therapy

Our physical therapy team deliver outcomes.


Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy team gets you back to living more independently.

Rehabilitation Features

  • Height Adjustable Hydraulic Stairs w/ Convertible Parallel Bars – Balance and stability for exercising legs, practicing incline steps, and patients learning to walk again
  • Nustep/Scifit – Safely build strength and endurance when recovering from heart attack, injury, or post-op
  • HUR Dynamic Balance Testing & Training System – Latest in fall-risk assessment technology, results-driven balance training, and precise progress calculation
  • Fitness Flexibility and Fitness Training Equipment – Extensive variety in state-of-the-art flexibility, stretching, weights, and recovery equipment
  • Progressive Resisted Exercise Devices – Gradual increments in weight to build and strengthen weak muscles and locations of injury
  • Diathermy E-Stim – Electrical stimulation for reducing pain and improving neuromuscular control
  • Vital Stim/EStim/Ultrasound – Noninvasively stimulate muscles to improve swallowing, neuromuscular control, and reduce pain, inflammation, and scar tissue
  • Fully Functional Training Kitchen and ADL Equipment – Kitchen for occupational training and Aids to Daily Living (ADL) to facilitate independence and performance of everyday tasks
  • Cold and Warm Therapy – Relax muscles, decrease muscle spasms, improve circulation, and reduce pain

Skilled Nursing

Our caring, qualified team is always here to help.


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Hospice Care

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Recovery Services

Stroke Recovery can be a lengthy process.