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The Alzheimer’s Brain

The Alzheimer’s Brain

Alzheimer’s symptoms can be easy to spot in a loved one. Their language starts to slip. They look or sound confused. They are frustrated and often lose things. It is difficult to follow their narrative because they get lost in time telling a story. They sometimes forget where they physically are and get lost too. It is a terrible disease, but the symptoms are loud and clear to those around an Alzheimer’s victim.

But what is happening on the inside of their body? What is happening in the brain that is causing these overt, outward behaviors that are so easy to spot?

The human body relies on the brain for every single message or command. Nothing happens without a signal. Billions and billions of neurons make up the human brain. They are responsible for sharing information through electrical and chemical messages or signals to cells throughout the brain and the rest of the body to make sure it is doing what it needs to do. The brain is constantly trying to keep us safe, move our limbs, break down our food, and repair and regenerate new cells all the time. Most people begin learning about the brain in elementary school, but it can still be remarkable to stop and think about all that the brain does.

Over time, all brains begin to shrink and lose some neurons. In a brain with Alzheimer’s, neurons die much more quickly than in a healthy brain. Alzheimer’s makes the neurons that are still alive lose connections with other cells. It causes plaque to form and clump inside the brain, destroying communication. It attacks and destroys areas of the brain that are responsible for personality, reasoning, and language, fatally destroying the brain.

Alzheimer’s Care

At Brownsburg Health Care Center, our residents and their families have trusted us for years to provide care, answer questions, and offer comfort as they have dealt with Alzheimer’s. We are ready to do the same for you and your loved one. Reach out to us for more information and resources.